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Soooo NASCAR is restarting back up? What about Indycar? We ask the hard questions?

Ken Patera attempted to make some fight reservations:
Maybe the best prank call of 2020 so far!

Lio Rush got released =( BUT we got TWO prank calls as Lio Rush!

Indy wrestler Kenny Alfonso joins us again to discuss #WM36

The B-Show actually has a Special guest!
It's Indy Wrestler Kenny Alfonso to discuss how this COVID-19 is effecting Indy Wrestling:

Only on the B-Show where everything from Ducks to Reddit can be discussed:

Just in time for national cereal month.. It's Joe and Emily discussing cereal!

Only on the B-Show where I can try whatever a Chick-O-Stik is:

It is Tax season... And well Ken Patera attempted to get his Tax refund:

It's The 200th B-Show!
Listen towards the end it's the RETURN of NEW Scott Hall Prank phone calls:

The Credit One one to go until 200... Damn I hate freaking Credit One:

Joe runs the Rowdy Energy gauntlet

It's the debut of a Scott Ferrall prank call AND an ANGRY Ken Patera prank call:

Joe tells Emily about the Star Wars Holiday Special

With all this racing talk Ken Patera attempts to get an Auto Warranty:

If you like crazy prank call episodes wellllll this is for you!

Did Ken Patera just win the Publishers Clearing House?

We are hitting the new year and decade with a PATERA HAMMER!

It's our New Years Eve (kinda) celebration Joe's Bar is OPEN? AND some prank calls:

It's THE B-Show Christmas Celebration!

First an ANGRY Ken Patera prank call THEN
in honor of Batista going into the #WWEHOF we ask how big is Batista's.......

It happened AGAIN!
It's shocking how over Ken Patera was back in the day!
I would say Ken was/is more over then most of the current day WWE roster!

Hmmmm either I have lost it or I actually I did a good job convincing this guy I'm Ken Patera!

Are the Indian telemarketers finally getting smart to my game?

It's the Michael Rapaport prank call gauntlet!

OMG did a telemarker really cross the line by saying praise the Taliban?

It's the Ken Patera prank call gauntlet!

IMO this prank call maybe the best call I have done in YEARS!
Enjoy or Ken will put the PATERA hammer on ya!

You want it? You got IT! ANOTHER Ken Patera prank call...
BUT this time Ken exposes a scammer!

Everything from seeing Horror movies to Devour Pizza models is discussed:

The whole world wanted Ken Patera prank calls right?

How creepy can guys be online?

Joe pleads his case why he should be in the Monday Night Football announce booth:

Joe on the road....SOMEONE IS actually jealous of Joe! WTF?

A scammer is exposed in a brand NEW soon to be all time classic prank call:

A Southern 500 preview! Along with Labor Day plans!

A BRAND NEW Michael Rapaport prank call and an announcement is made:

The Broadway B-Show! "Alvarez" and "Meltzer" watch and critique The Three Stooges Short "Disorder in the Court"

From Dylan's Candy Bar @ The Hudson Yards Mall...
We run the gummy bear gauntlet! I left all other candy stores behind.
We are in a New York State of mind!

A preview of the Watkins Glen Cup race AND ProMcDonaldsTalk:

PART TWO of The Juice Weekend:

Fatso and Fruit Loops read a hilarious Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch fan fiction!

It's the B-Show Grab Bag! It's all a surprise!

Fatso and Fruit Loops are out of control in Vegas for this B-Show. PLUS More Britney Amber talk!

A preview of the NASCAR Chicago weekend! This is the go home show to Fourth of July episode:

Fatso and Fruit Loops attempt to break down WWE Breeding Ground:

The Saint Louis Blues have FINALLY won the Stanley Cup Here's me and Katie's reactions:

Only on the B-Show Katie plays FMarryKill with wrestlers from The Long Horn state!

Katie revels in her #Coke600 win and newZ on an interesting offer:

In honor of Double or Nothing Joe has Katie Play FmarryKill with the AEW roster

Cryin' for Zion :'( Joe shares his NBA Draft Lottery frustrations with Katie!

Fatso and Fruit Loops discuss the health of "Superstar" Billy Graham

Fatso and Fruit Loops on WWE Fan Fiction and I love the 1880's

Ever wanted to hear a parody of a Meltzer/Alvarez convo?

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to the B-Show WWE Fan fiction is BACK!

Fatso and Fruit Loops on The Hannibal vs Billy Jack Haynes feud!

It's Part two of Fatso and Fruit Loops preview of #Wrestlemania35

Fatso and Fruit Loops Preview Wrestlemania 35 PART 1

Another prank call gone bad.. Have I lost my touch?

It's the 150th B-Show FROM LAS VEGAS!

Only on the B-Show where you'll hear a Lio Rush Auto Warranty prank call

A new Lio Rush prank call AND Katie plays FmarryKill with wrestlers who enjoy the high seas!

Only on the B-Show where Joe and Katie breakdown Joe's fake ex-wife

It's an ALL Brooklyn FmarryKill with Katie Cook!

Maybe one of the best prank phone calls I have done in a LONG time:

It's a pretty crazy B-Show! It's TWO Lio Rush prank calls and Katie finds out about Robert Parker!

Joe has Katie Cook play FMarryKill with past Royal Rumble winners:

On the B-show this week is Joe and Joe's 97.1 pilot episode

WellllI it's The B-Show from Ol' Tucson Joe and Joe watch along Carlos Colon vs Abdullah

It's a watch a long B-Show as Fatso and Fruit loops watch Abdullah vs Steve Strong

It's The New Years B-Show Joe, Joe and THE Mark watch KAW Wrestling from 6-12-99

It's the B-Show holiday show! BTW It's Miztastic!

Joe and the MARK AKA Frank preview WWE TLC

PART TWO of The ALL Fantasy weekend

Welll it's The B-Show Joe and Frank discuss Uber and Samoa Joe's new feud!

Welll it's The B-Show Frank gives Joe the rundown of Enzo FKA Real1's newest album!

Welll it's the B-Show Joe and Frank discuss the NEW Daniel Bryan and his future bookings.

On The B-Show Joe and Justin Smith preview the Can-Am 500:

On The B-show Joe tells you what he REALLY thinks of Somoa Joe:

On The B-Show we send our best wishes to Roman Reigns!
AND Joe had a funny dream about @1andOnlyCupcake

Joe gives his reasons why Lex Luger should be in the Hall Of Fame:

It's Talladega weekend and Joe shares his Talladega memories:

Joe is ENRAGED by the WORST Song he has EVER heard in his life:

Welll it's the B-Show and it's The Best/worst Bloopers from the last few weeks

Wellll it's the Birthday B-Show!

Part two of HELL weekend!!!!
Joe and Frank preview and predict the 2018 WWE Hell in a Cell #WWEHIAC

Welll Joe and Frank review and BURY current day WWE booking

The B-Show is ALL IN! Joe and JJ After Dark preview The ALL IN show!

Joe and the two morons discuss a Hulk Hogan fan fiction.... BROTHER!

What really went down last week at the PGA Championship? AND Summerslam predictions!

Day TWO LIVE from the Bellerive Country Club for the 100th PGA Championship it's THE B-Show!
Joe and the two idiots run WILD from the clubhouse media center!

Wellllll it's the B-Show and lets say the Fan fiction is Team Extreme approved!

Welll This B-Show from Evansville is a PERFECT 10!

On This weeks B-Show it's Racing talk along with Racy talk!

LIVE from Flagstaff, Arizona @ the beautiful Starlite Lanes Joe and Frank preview WWE Extreme Rules.

LIVE From Las Vegas it's the Fourth Of July weekend celebration!
Joe and Joe have a special vistor for Joe's bar!
PLUS a watch along and MORE.. MANDY MOORE!

Feel the bite not the bark as Joe and Frank read Miz related Fan Fiction!

I got Frank to play along with Wrong WWE fan fiction on the newest B-Show!

It's the Joe and Frank Money in the bank prediction show:

Welll it's the B-show from Ft. Worth! Wow a Dusty Rhodes fan fic that maybe the best one yet!

Joe and Joe have the gift that keeps on giving WRONG WWE fan fiction.

It's the B-Show from VEGAS!
And the two idiots are talking KAW Wrestling from 5-29-99

It's The B-Show from Barstow!

Just in time for Mothers Day it's PART FOUR OF WWE EROTICA!

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with us on The B-Show:

The B-Show where it's an out take of Fatso and Fruit Loops talking #WWEGRR

You want it.... You got it Part TWO of WWE Erotica!

This B-show is just Joe and Katie Cook discussing stalking

Only on The B-Show where you can hear WWE fan fiction gone WRONG! PART ONE

The 100th Episode of The B-Show!
Joe's Bar is OPEN again!

It's the 99th Episode!
Joe and Joe review the WCCW episode from March 14th 1987!

The last stop of the Southwestern tour!
Joe and Joe review an episode of Southwest Wrestling from July 3rd 1983

Wellll it's the B-Show from From Amarillo!
Joe and Joe review WWF All American Wrestling from April 21st 1985

Welll it's the B-Show Joe and Joe review NXT from 1-24-18

Hope this B-Show isn't a gutter ball. Joe and Joe review NXT from 1-17-18

From Las Vegas It's THE B-Show!
Joe and Joe compare a G&W meat stick vs a Jack Links Meat Stick!


Welll it's the B-Show Joe and Joe review WWF All American Wrestling from 2-24-85

Welll It's the 2018 Royal Rumble Preview Show!

Welll it's the B-Show Joe and Joe Review WWF Superstars from 5-9-87 and how UGLY is Ruby Riott??

Welllllllll it's The B-Show Joe and Joe review and BURY NXT from 1-10-18!

Well it's the B-Show with Joe and Frank!
It's a discussion about Doritos Crackers along with the return of Joe the bartender!

Joe and NFL veteran Joe Bowden give you the run down of the two big Bowl Games!
ALSO Katie Cook returns!

Wellll It's a Christmas B-Show! Frank is BACK and he went to @lisadaniels3 XXXmas Party!

Welll It's the B-Show from El, Paso, Texas and Joe and Joe are perplexed at a certain drink!
Also a review of WWF All American Wrestling from May 19th, 1985

Wellll It's the B-Show LIVE from Abilene, Texas!
Joe and Joe discuss more Lucha Underground!

Only on the B-Show...
It's Mike Francesca's Triver contest! Who will win? Who will lose? Listen to find out!

It's the ALL MARIO episode!
NASCAR driver Mario Gosselin stops by and shares his thoughts on his 2017 season and his love for racing!
ALSO Frank and Joe discuss all things about Mario video games!

On the B-show show we ask What Happened Wheeeen Conrad Thompson called for a house?

It's a B-Show Joe and Petrov rundown the week of wrestling for November 6th AND a botched prank call!

Well it's a b-show Joe and Petrov give a rundown of wrestling for the last week of Octobah

It's the B-Show Joe and Petrov break out a discussion of current WWE! #GetWellPetrov

It's the B-show remember when Sheamus power bombed Jamie Noble?! Well Joe thought it was AWESOME!!1

Well it's a B-Show nobody answered the damn phone so Joe called Frank to discuss a WDXD softball team!