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I'm back for now hahaha well I've been doing good I guess I'm going to try and bring more stuff to the site...
I really would like have more guests and bring back some podcasts but we shall see...

For now Here's a double for you guys a 1996 Truck Series race review from North Wilkesboro:

54 Trucks attempted #Geez

Randy Macdonald makes his start #AlertYourFriends

Michael Dokken on the pole WHAT? Actually no Dave said it was but really it was Johnny Benson lol I was onna say lol

Kelly Denton spins no caution

There was a 30 minute rain delay

What there going to do at lap 30 take a random teams tires and check then they will determine where the halftime break will be

Mike Bliss will the truck picked at random

Dave Rezendes had a transmisson go down

Skinner goes low real low and passes Benson

BP sees a sponsor on Ruttman's truck he doesn't know what LCI is but he's happy it's on a truck

Rick Johnson? spins and wrecks

Bryan Reffner has something wrong with his truck

Dan Press spins and caution is out

Rodney Colmbs spins Skinner slows and sprague passes him! Skinner and Harry Gant both wreck Skinner slowed and gant ran into him

Toby Butler gets on the lead lap and blocks Sprague and Martin goes to the lead

Harry Gant wrecks hard he says over the radio he had a hung throttle

Greg Marlo ?? blows a motor

rain drops are on the camera lens

Hornaday spins caution is out Looked like Mike Bliss got into Ron and cut his tire down

The late John Nemechek spins and no caution

Robby Gordon spins off of 4 and saves it! Rich Bickle got into him

Mark Martin wins Sprague 2nd Butch Miller 3rd Those damn Cup Guys #WhatYearIsThis

Now here's the 1996 truck series @ Richmond

trucks @ Richmond

The late Kenny Irwin is on the pole

Annd Walker Evans wrecked in practice lol

Irwin spun his tires on the restart

Yeah this race was on a Thursday night Trucks at Richmond #WhyNOT

A Hurricane is in the area (Hurricane Fran)

a scroll on the bottom line says:
"ESPNews coming Nov 1st contact your local cable operator" #YeahIllGetONThat

And who spins on the front straight WALKER EVANS No Caution Dave says Walker spun and wrecked HARD in the same spot eariler today

rain is on the camera

Andy Hillenburg spins and wrecks off of turn 1

tons of water on Bliss' truck

it's raining here and the race is still goin on

Hillenburg doesn't know why he wrecked

MSRP's own Johnny Chapman spins
Kevin Grubb gets loose then Walker Evans hits Chapman NO caution

Caution on lap 50 for rain
About time it's been raining for a good 10 minutes lol
the caution is out for like a minute wow

Ron Haraday moves up on Bliss
Bliss Spins and saves it no damage caution is out

raining again no caution

Mike bliss spins again Caution the more rain

Marty Reid says his shoes/socks are wet and the pavement is wet

Trucks to the pits
Red Flag is out

Red Flag was like 20
The restart they missed #DAMN

2 laps after the Restart the Late John Nemechek spins caution is out

More rain it's pouring and there like F it lets go
and they decide 6 laps to go and THATS IT!

Sprague misses hit pit and he goes in reverse then he's like alright I'm going around the track to get to my pit lol

and it rains again restart

hornaday gets right into Sprague Jack has a big Tire rub

Sprague blows a hard and wrecks hard in turn 1!

Restart then a yellow is out AGAIN! Then a red flag

They interview Jeff Williamson who won the Ortho/Craftsman sweepstakes!

Skinner Wins Hornaday 2nd Mark Martin 3rd Ruttman 4th

I've been driving around the neighborhood listening to this:
Of course going the speed limit ;)

Trucks @ Evergreen

Evergreen Fairgrounds

Rich Bickle's mother is wishing him well

Mike Bliss' mother wishes him well

Rich Bickle on the pole

Bill sedwick DNQ'd and Tammy Jo Kirk made the race WTF?

3 wide off of the back straight Bob Keslowski to the lead!

NASCAR has lost scoring so yeah ok 26 laps are in tho #OhhOK

Jay Sauter spins Yeah Dan Press spun Jay out

Hornaday has worn out his brakes and it isn't even halfway

Carelli spins Michael Dokken spun him #sure

BTW at the very moment of this race the Cup Race @ Talladega just finished
Who would watch this race? If it was at the same time as the Cup Race?

Ken Squier: "Michael Dokken got in trouble last week for frying a turkey in a hotel and burnt a wall in a hotel!"

Butch Miller's mother said she didnt know Butch raced her car when Butch started racing lol

Dennis Setzer said he will shave his head if he wins

debris caution

Ron Barfield's mother is interviewed and she likes the Truck Series
Ron bought her a Cadillac lol ok

After This race WCW wrestling is on

Big wreck Boris Said Rick Mcray Lance Norick
Lance Norick's truck is on fire
Billy Woodruff crew cheif for Lance says Lance didn't know he was on fire!

Ken Squier: "Lance is a guy to watch he's gonna be a star!"

Michael Dokken's parents put a mortage on there home to let Dokken race

Rich Bickle traded his Beer can collection for enough money to buy a stock car

Brandon Butler is off the pace and the caution is out

Jay Sauter has stalled annnd Green white Checker time #WhatYearIsThis

Rich Bickle wins Skinner 2nd Sprague 2nd Michael Dokken 3rd??! #Shocking

OK I know I haven't updated the site In a while....
Alright A LONG TIME.
I know it just been whatever, as I'm getting older I tend to be like what else can I do on this site?
Then it dawned on me..........
NASCAR is starting. Holy Shit it's going to be 20th year anniversary of the NASCAR truck series.

Well I don't see anyone or ANY site mentioning that and well I used to be the BIGGEST truck series fan.
Keyword used to...
Well so I went to Youtube and started watching some old races...
I gotta say they are like a sloppy Joe sure it may not look good but damn it it's good.
Really it's entertaining. I would say it maybe better than some Cup Series races and MOST Xfnity races
Xfinty series... new name that series is still a joke.
Well The Truck series in 2015 is still good, but I think there missing a certain something maybe they need...

COACH GLANVILLE! Ahhh maybe not c'mon admit it woudln't it be awesome if he or a NFL coach actually raced in a 2015 Truck race
Well for those that don't know. The 15 year olds on the internet Jerry Glanvill was a former head coach in the NFL and RACED!
well he wasn't very good, so it ussaly equaled comedy along with his antics and a man named WALKER EVANS!
You'll be reading his named in my reviews. When you type his name you gotta type it in caps, because you gotta yell it!
Well I thought about creating my own truck series site just for these reviews well it costs money then I remembered.
This site looks like it's from the 90's and well I haven't updated it so.... whatver oh and BTW in the 90's there were URLS that had nothing to do with anything
I know kids who are 15 reading this are like What? OK fine I'll mention Rihanna....

So lets go it's our first Truck Series Review...
Maybe afterwards We'll hold hands and cuddle...
Spears manufacturing 200

Bill Sedwick on the pole
race is on TNN
Ken Scraders spins in front of everyone no caution lol WTF

Larry Mcrenyolds mic finally works at the 4:45 mark
BTW Mike Skinner took out Scrader

now a caution for debris ok...

Wayne Jacks spins on the restart annnd caution

Jack Spraque has a transmisson problem

Larry Mac tells Ernie Iravn to pull them belts tight

you can hear the director tell Glenn "83 off the pace 83 off the pace"
And Steve Portengae has no brakes

Ron Hornaday goes to the lead and passes for the lead in the dirt

Jimmy Dick goes into the dirt and saves it
then a lap later spins and caution is out

Hornaday gets loose and sideways and saves it
oil is all over the track annnnd caution

Ken Schrader is pissed and parks the truck and says he has an ignition problem

Mike chase and Roger Mears both have no brakes

and they blew a restart sooo gonna line up the guys again

more oil on the track annnnnnnd you can hear the director say:
director: lets take a god damned break.

caution is out for ????? no reason given lol

on the restart Ron gets a huge jump

Ray Daniels who flipped last week at Sonoma worked on his truck and
repaired it and is racing it RIGHT NOW!

Steve Portengea wrecks
looks like Joe ruttman wrecked him
they show Ruttman's onboard he clearly turned him

Rick Johnson spins and can't fire it up and caution is out

3 truck wreck Rick Johnson ron Esau and ?
they showed an in truck camera from rick Carelli they don't care
they didn't show the wreck Glenn Jarrett is like whatever who cares lol

Ernie Irvan to 2nd people are jumping up and down cheering!

Ray Daniels spins no caution

Ron Esau spins and Steve Portengae spins oil on the track again

wayne jacks spins on the restart no caution

Ron Hornaday gets in the dirt and saves it

Ernie Irvan to the lead!

Ron Hornaday has a tire go down and goes in to the wall....... no caution Jimmy Dick spins annnnnnnnd caution is out

Tobey Butler spins annnnd no caution!
Mike Chase just got into Butler

Hornaday's motor blows
Glenn Jarrett then says nope it's a flat tire HAHAHA what?!

Mike Skinner wins and bliss barely hold off Irvan to get 2nd

Japoss2000: Tommy rich was way better than any of today's spot monkeys 6:07 PM
Me: Wow 6:08 PM
Japoss2000: I hate sports entertainment & I hate Vince McMahon 6:09 PM
Me: Where's Freddie Blassie from? 6:33 PM
Japoss2000: Hollywood 6:36 PM
Me: St. Louis 6:37 PM
Japoss2000: Wow. Did u just learn that? 6:53 PM
Me: No I knew 7:00 PM
Japoss2000: New big jim meme: only toured Graceland once. Works across the street. 7:44 PM
Me: Oh shit this clash of the champions has BILL WATTS on commentary 8:29 PM
Japoss2000: I seem to recall bill watts commentary on other issues would eventually get him fired 8:41 PM
Me: Alternate take to CRAWFISH! 10:14 PM
Japoss2000: Yeah I heard an aly 10:17 PM
Japoss2000: ...wiggles jumped on me mid text 10:17 PM
Me: Like Pete's dog 10:18 PM
Japoss2000: ....heard an alt version of crawfish the other day 10:18 PM
Japoss2000: Pete having a dog makes NO sense 10:19 PM
Me: Put it in yer bit 10:19 PM
Japoss2000: But still makes more sense than the pets on Arthur 10:19 PM

Me: You hear about the Adrian Peterson orgy? 5:41 PM
Stremme: No not at all 5:49 PM
Me: 5:52 PM
Stremme: I wonder if Adrian Peterson does anything besides fuck women 6:10 PM
Me: Hahha I think so if I was him I'd call Jenna Haze 6:17 PM
Stremme: Why not. Sounds like he's using charity money to buy hookers. I think Charlie sheen would even tell Adrian to cool it. 6:20 PM
Me: Hahah yeah I think so 6:22 PM
Me: Which raises the question say you won the powerball would you call a pornstar? 6:26 PM
Stremme: Yes I would take a lethal amount of Viagra and fuck the shit out of a pornstar 6:27 PM
Me: Hahaha me too!!!! We're the same! Which one ? 6:28 PM
Stremme: August Ames 6:28 PM
Stremme: I may pick jenna haze just to say I did it 6:28 PM
Me: August is too tall Jenna all the way id also pay for Rachel Roxxx 6:31 PM
Stremme: No August is probably like 5'7 6:34 PM
Me: Seriously I think if I had like 15 Viagra and like the powerball Rachel would be fucked lol 6:35 PM
Me: She's taller than me 6:35 PM
Me: August is hot but c'mon Madelyn Marie ohhhhh 6:37 PM
Stremme: I think August is the hottest 6:39 PM

Me: I like Alexis Texas when she has a little weight on her (which is not the norm for me) when she has weight on her she looks like a waitress at a shitty diner :) 10:01 PM
Stremme: You like the trashy ones 10:02 PM
Me: Ha that's why my all time favorite is Jenna haZe haha normally I like the smaller girlZ but Alexis looks better with a few pounds 10:03 PM
Me: I need to compose another list ha I would say if I do compose another list one of my new faves Eliana Rayne would be on there 10:06 PM
Stremme: She's too small 10:07 PM
Me: So you've seen her before?! Ha no she's awesome! 10:07 PM
Stremme: She looks 13. Your sick 10:09 PM

Me: Madelyn Marie is right now fucking like crazy in "Madelyn Marie gets what she wants". Do not miss it watch it now! 3:43 PM
Dan: I don't care about her. She's fake. 3:46 PM
Me: Because you are deranged. 3:48 PM

Japoss2000: If Arthur was a person hed probably look a lot like a young Cornette 8:56 PM
Me: 9:59 PM
Me: You read the new Archie book? 8:35 AM
Me: This time Hogan is gonna stay This time Hogan is gonna stay For more than just a day For more than just a day 11:25 AM
Japoss2000: For nore than just one leg drop 1:21 PM
Me: The time the diner caught on fire on happy days 7:42 PM
Japoss2000: And then it re-opened as "fonzie & big al's" 7:43 PM
Me: That episode is on RIGHT NOW 7:44 PM
Japoss2000: That fire made quite an impression on me as a kid 8:14 PM
Japoss2000: Fonzie gives al his savings to help rebuild 8:15 PM
Me: Haha put it in yer bit 8:18 PM
Japoss2000: Already fuckin is man 8:19 PM
Japoss2000: Al puts the office for fonzie in the bathroom 8:20 PM
Me: In the wwe2k14 game I just had Scott hall win the AWA title! 8:36 PM
Me: Hall defeated hogan sgt slaughter and mr perfect 8:38 PM
Japoss2000: Shoulda been Zbysko 8:41 PM
Me: Haha ill download him 8:47 PM
Me: No one does better than da bolt #IfYaUnnastand 10:36 PM
Japoss2000: Fuckin Chachi burned down the diner 11:28 PM
Japoss2000: Chachi=the new kane 11:29 PM
Japoss2000: BISCHOFF 3:09 AM
Japoss2000: and as far as Bischoff is concerned um gonna EAT HIS ASS 3:29 AM
Japoss2000: Get on it! ...get that damn camera outta here 3:30 AM
Me: Someone is watching nitro 5:36 AM
Japoss2000: We're either in wrestling heaven or wrestling hell 6:09 AM
Me: ^ that's something dusty would say 6:15 AM
Me: You say your a household word well so is shit 6:22 AM
Japoss2000: Youre the shit under my shoe 6:36 AM
Me: Where's your scissors at Sid? 7:07 AM
Japoss2000: The mma guy beats up mark madden #why 7:15 AM
Me: Tank abbot calls out Goldberg 7:22 AM
Japoss2000: Shane Douglas, you dont work here! 7:39 AM
Me: You watch any 1985? 8:51 AM
Me: Shake that tambourine #ThatTambourine #ThatTambourine 4:55 PM
Me: Shake ding a ling ##DancingQueen #ThatTambourine #ThatTambourine 4:57 PM PRESENTS: THE DREAM MATCH:
doorstopnation dream match
Doorstopnation Dream Match
Sgt. Slaughter
Jack Swagger

view results

Here's the greatest video of all time, and that is Tony Raines qualifying the chevy into the Best Buy 400!

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