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"$999? That's not a thousand!" - Honky Tonk Man

"If you? got 21... I got 22 you want to play blackjack,? I got two of those too" - Jake Roberts

"And he killed that jabroni Ron Goldman!" - Iron Sheik

"What you marks get? ZERO!" - Honky Tonk Man

"I remembered when americana Pizza first aired, i tought they were bringin in dusty with a pizza delivery guy gimmick - Japoss2000

"They broke my mans back right about now!" - Flavor Flav

"How many careers has chief Jay strongbow ruined?" - Honky Tonk Man

"It's Gonna Be like Hooters times ten!" - Hulk Hogan

"Just Push it!" - Kamala

"You see they ain't got no Home training!" - R-Truth

"Get in the Impact zone, dude!" - Hulk Hogan

"What did you say?" - Damien Sandow

"Remember Uncle Ray I was going to be your little elvis!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"Camera man get you're ass back up here!" - Jake Roberts

"Tell him you're Steve Austin!" - Elizabeth Flair

"I'm a bare knuckle fightin champion!" - Wade Barrett

"The law of attractions says youll get through brother" - Hulk Hogan

"T-Mobile girl soooooooo HAWT!" - Dan

"It was one of dose" - Ron Simmons

""Write that down we pay better than hogan" - Sean Oliver

"I never wore underwear either!" - Jerry Lawler

"I hate the f'n wind!" - Linda Hogan

"Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!" - John Kelly

"On the Cups? GAAAAH! - R-Truth

"You're going down!" - John McBain

"BOOM BRING IT ON MAN!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"Wrestlings fake tho right? ...Its entertainent, yes, but were stunt men!" - Billy Jack Haynes

"First your gonna have to get though Bahhtistahhh" - Vince Mcmahon

"Youre real good brother you can really wrestle!" - Ken Wayne

"I bet Tony Raines wonders what doorstopnation is!" - Joe Laracuente

"You want pictures don't ya?" - Roddy Piper

"How can linda say that she hates the wind?" - Hulk Hogan picture of the day picture of the day


Alright week two! Thank goodness I'm tired of taking questions of my near death!
Really I had a great week went fishing again didn't catch anything nor come close to it.
I was out there all I caught was moss and A LOT of it and I got a tan!

What should I do next week? Requests Someone is going to text me back. Next week buy a hooker and get laid. I know. I know.

Shall move on? No? I can hear ya. Well too bad.

Well on to our features

Book of the week:

Summer Series 2013

Now Dave berry brings up a good point back in the day AOL was awesome sure dial up sucked, but I hate Facebook!
Maybe it's because I don't like people looking at my stuff and judging me (I sound like I'm gay what I just typed BTW nothing wrong if someone's gay you get my point)
I just hate it how people can judge people so easily on AOL you could have a gimmick and you didn't have to be yourself not only that and your grandmother wasn't on AOL!
Plus you didn't have to watch what you say whatever you get my point I don't want to continue further it makes me too depressed.

Moving on to today not 1999! It's Father's Day. I'm getting my dad a 12 pack of Busch light. Now for a Father's Day special I'm going to hand things over to Bill Rock.

Bill Rock: "Thanks Joe I got an email from Curtis in Georgia it reads:
"Bill my father left my mother when I was a baby. I never met him. Recently he messaged me on Facebook. I finally started to know him!
I was going to finally meet him face to face after all these years. I found out his semi truck overturned and he is in a coma I hope he wakes up to see me!"
Awe isn't that sweet well Curtis I dedicate this song to you."

Summer Series 2013

Text of the week:
Bob Perkins: No, what am I some fucking hipster. BP eats at Roadhouse and Piggy's BBQ in O' Fallon. 1:26 PM

Tweet of the week:
@teenystweeting I'm laying in a park, on a blanket, reading a book...... I'm serious.

Lord Alfred Hayes: "Promotional consideration paid for by the following. Feel the heat with Roger Clemens MVP baseball for Nintendo the hottest pitcher brings home the greatest NES game ever! Rogers Clemens MVP baseball from LJN!"

Summer Series 2013

That will do it for this week! Join me next week as I hook up with three hungarian Honeys (I wish)

Summer Series 2013

I'm so happy to send this out as most of you know what I have gone through for those that don't know I nearly died two months ago!
Anyways moving on from that since I'm 100% we can move on.
I'm trying to have some fun this summer! Lets see I have gone fishing a few times I got a video for everyone!
Now before I link everyone to the video I think "River Monsters" would be a hell of a lot more interesting if I were the host.
I figured to goto the Missouri River and try to catch a few then... I saw it was flooded pretty bad! I'm like ok I'll goto Jon Voight park. Here's the video:
Summer Series 2013

Onto other news. I have read a lot of books over the years I mean a lot (yes I can read smartasses) the thing I was thinking I have read a lot of bad books I bet I could write a better book!
You think I'm making that up? I'll show you a few experts from the Regis Philbin book "Who wants to be me?"
Summer Series 2013

Summer Series 2013

Summer Series 2013

Now Everyone knows who Regis Philbin is you would figure he would mention his career in Televison or how he got started etc. etc.
NOPE! Not one mention! WTF?

Well moving on Of Course some you guys follow Mr. Goodnight on twitter Well Here's the best of Mr. Goodnight from the past week:
Summer Series 2013

Tweet of the week:
@the_ironsheik 1 Jun RIP Jean Stapleton I love you forever even if your husband the Archie Bunker cheap jew son of a bitch. God bless you
Text of the week:
Stremme: I truly believe in Ashley O'Bryan's head she doesn't think she's shit. That's why she dates douche bags because they are the only ones that talk to her. 8:13 PM

Lord Alfred Hayes: "Promotional consideration paid for by the following. Sugar Daddy. Somethings never change. Sugar Daddy has a flavor that will laUSstS a lifetime!"

Summer Series 2013

Well I hope everyone has a great week! I'll be sending updates every sunday for the next five weeks!

Summer Series 2013

Stremme: Do you think monti made up having the girlfriend or do you think that he really thought he had an Internet girlfriend? 10:17 AM
Me: He made it up I think 10:22 AM
Me: Why he could bang any girl on campus 10:22 AM
Stremme: I think he made it up too 10:25 AM
Me: Ha that's something I would do 10:25 AM
Stremme: I was thinking you would make up an Internet girlfriend too when I heard the story. 12:30 PM
Me: Ha I'm surprised I haven't made the up by now 1:01 PM
Stremme: You kind of have. You've sent me pictures of Ashley OBryan with your face photoshopped in. 1:02 PM
Me: Ha true true 1:05 PM
Me: I have had conversations with a fake Ashley O'bryan 1:06 PM
Me: Lol, Manti gave a speech to the team about his "dead girlfriend" and at the time B Kelly said it was one of the most moving experiences of his 20 year career. 1:06 PM
Stremme: Wow 1:08 PM
Me: Ha wow I guess Monti was cyber bullied 1:09 PM
Stremme: I think monti is a cyber fag 1:10 PM
Me: Ha could be lol 1:11 PM
Me: Think about it 1:11 PM
Me: If I was montiI would be banging several women 1:15 PM
Stremme: Yeah that's what normal people would do. But monti gets Internet girlfriends and talks to them on the phone. I HATE TALKING TO GIRLS ON THE PHONE! 1:16 PM
Me: Ha I know your a lot less talk more action 1:17 PM
Me: Maybe he's gay seriously 1:17 PM
Stremme: He could be 1:18 PM
Me: Btw how is the Monti teo story news? 1:19 PM
Me: And let's say there was a woman who was the woman?! 1:20 PM
Stremme: I'd rather hear about his fake dead girlfriend than how bad the lakers are any day of the week. 1:20 PM
Me: Haha or ray Lewis 1:20 PM
Stremme: If ray Lewis's girlfriend died it would be because he stabbed her to death. 1:22 PM
Me: With a butter knife 1:26 PM

Japoss2000: Maybe i was just high when you said it but why in the Fuck was McBain Rescuing people from a basement? 7:32 AM
Me: Because he's mcbain 9:10 AM picture of the day

Dan: Btw you're INSANE to say Katy Perry isn't hot. She's fucking gorgeous. 1:24 AM
Me: Looook at meeeee 9:14 AM
Dan: Katy Perry = Best Tits in Hollywood 9:23 AM
Me: She's alright 9:24 AM
Me: Taylor swift is hotter but doesn't have better tits 9:25 AM
Me: Best tits is the woman from wolverine 9:25 AM
Dan: No one in Hollywood or on earth has better tits than Katy Perry. NO ONE 9:26 AM
Dan: Her tits define perfection. 100% natural, huge, perky and perfectly shaped. 9:29 AM
Dan: Have you even seen Katy Perry's tits????? 9:32 AM
Me: Ha no I just don't think of Katy perry that way I like Taylor swift more 9:43 AM
Me:Do you think Katy perry has the best tits in Hollywood?!
Stremme: No 9:57 AM
Dan: I don't know who that is, and he's wrong 9:58 AM
Me: Her tits are alright 9:59 AM
Dan: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You're just saying that to disagree. 9:59 AM
Dan: Name one woman in Hollywood who has better REAL tits 10:00 AM
Dan: Her tits could not be more perfect. There's NOTHING wrong with them. 10:01 AM
Me: Ha maybe 10:01 AM
Me: She's ok not bad 10:02 AM
Dan: I'm talking about her tits, not her in general 10:03 AM
Me: I just think Katy perry is dumb 10:06 AM
Dan: Also she's far from dumb. She's actually very smart. 10:09 AM
Me: Ha all of sudden your Katy Perry's boyfriend 10:28 AM
Me: Ill be with Taylor swift thank you 10:28 AM
Me: Taylor and I will hike in Pennsylvania while Katy yells at you for not taking out the trash 10:29 AM
Dan: She's hot as fuck and would kick Taylor's ass. Also Taylor is a dumb bitch. 10:29 AM
Me: Noooooo 10:34 AM
Me: Boring 10:34 AM
Dan: She's the last person on earth to be boring 10:35 AM
Me: She's annoying 10:36 AM
Dan: You just say that cuz you're a mark for hating her. You have no proof of it. 10:37 AM
Me: Ha nooo 10:54 AM
Dan: Jenna Haze is a piece of dogshit stuck to the bottom of Katy Perry's shoe. 10:57 AM
Me: Ha no way 11:07 AM
Me: *slams door* 11:08 AM
Me: Jennifer Aniston is awesome 11:08 AM
Dan: She's OLD 11:09 AM
Me: Nooo 11:20 AM
Me: My buddy Harrison says Katy Perry's tits are fake 11:23 AM
Dan: That's 100% false 11:26 AM
Dan: They are very real 11:26 AM
Me: Tell Harrison that 11:30 AM
Dan: She talks about having them in high school. Plus you can tell just by looking at them they are real. 11:34 AM
Dan: I can spot fake tits from a mile away. They are NOT fake 11:42 AM
Me: Ha I suppose 12:38 PM

Stremme: Did you put my phone number into a porn site? 8:19 PM
Me: No comment 8:20 PM
Stremme: Don't do that. I don't want to start getting weird texts and calls 8:20 PM
Me: I didn't I only put it on the real estate site(s) 8:21 PM
Stremme: Then why am I getting texts from porn stars now? 8:21 PM
Me: I dunno.. are you serious? 8:22 PM
Stremme: Some chick named Jen texted me and wants to share her pics on 8:22 PM
Me: Oh that's just spam 8:24 PM
Me: You prolly got it on pornhub because hookup has ads on there 8:24 PM
Stremme: I know, how am I getting spam??? I think your involved. I don't put my phone number on those sites 8:25 PM
Me: Yeah I didn't but that's strange 8:26 PM
Me: Maybe it's a new way of advertising in the porn world 8:26 PM

Me: So apparently stremme has your Christmas gift 4:11 PM
Me: I didn't have enough postage so the return was stremmes house 4:11 PM
Japoss2000: Using the mail properly just proved too difficult for you 4:26 PM
Japoss2000: Brings a certain elvis song to mind 4:26 PM
Japoss2000: Next time spring the 35 Cents or whatever the Fuck it is for an extra stamp 4:27 PM
Me: Ha well Also the item maybe illegal to send 4:31 PM
Japoss2000: Dammit know that i know that i actually want it! 4:33 PM
Me: Yeah so stremme may smoke it now 5:16 PM
Me: She'd knew she would have to move to a drier climate 5:29 PM
Japoss2000: I take it it was winstons 5:43 PM
Japoss2000: Fred Flintstone-winston, made outta the best dinosaur Shit available 5:45 PM
Me: ^ put it in your bit 7:07 PM
Me: Along with diablo sandwich 7:07 PM

Stremme: Remember when ray Lewis stabbed and killed 2 people? 9:36 PM
Me: Ha yep but ray doesn't 9:36 PM
Stremme: he will be the first hall of famer that has killed 2 people 9:37 PM
Me: Ha true ray didn't see nothin when he killed those people 9:38 PM
Stremme: Do you think ray gave one of those great emotional motivational speeches and then fucking stabbed them ? 9:39 PM
Me: Ha ha I think he did John Clayton confirms 9:40 PM

Cena is on a box of Fruity Pebbles....
I guess Fred Flintstone is pissed.
Fred can go back doing ads for Winston...
Am I the only one that never wants to see The Rock again??
Seriously I'm not going to break it down but really..
The Rock promos go on and on I know the IWC is all for the Rock we'll see when he's the one to beat CM punk
I think The Fun Friday Rock is a direct reflection of the WWE Rock.
Does anyone watch Fun Friday?
I really think people should, not just saying that, but it's really picked up
Enough of me shilling Fun Friday
OK, off the topic here I don't think Chrissy Teigen is hot, I really don't
Goto Google Images and look her up.
(I'm not going to post a pic of her on here because someone will see it and be like ohhh you shouldn't do that etc...)
Yeah Chrissy Teigen isn't that hot she's OK
I don't like asain women I just don't (Beggers can't be choosers I get it very funny)
Does anyone watch WWE Main Event? (WWE's only good show) picture of the day

Basically what this site has turned into is TNA
Why? What does that mean you ask?
I have like two or three TNA's piled on the DVR I get around to watching them.
I see something stupid on the episodes and I put it on here
Like this pic below picture of the day

It's like this: picture of the day

I know I'm outdating myself but it's just dumb I don't know what to say
I know Frank was calling me all hours of the night wanting to discuss that I had no clue what he was talking about!
I now finally have seen

Does anyone smoke Winston anymore? picture of the day

Halloween night sitting here playing wwe 13
I tell ya orton loves to reverse moves and no sell
So Dan keeps texting me about the show "the voice" has anyone seen it?
So I saw long John silvers' changed back to there old logo and there new slogan?
That's what I like! <------- that's what she said!
Dan said that is a weak that's what she said
I know doorstopnation has been on a few long John silvers cars over the years
People ask me when/if doorstopnation will be back honestly I don't know

Now ill be the first to tell you raw sucks ok
but if your going to watch any wwe show you need to watch.....
Main event!
Why you ask? Well it's only 1 hour!
Ok, oh and it has matches!
What a concept! Do yourself a favor and watch main event before wwe ruins it
Your saying they won't ruin it oh yes they will
Updating the site on my iPhone playing wwe 13 geez it's awesome things I've noticed:
Some audio problems
Drew McIntyre's theme is in it yet he isn't in it
Better royal rumbles
If anyone has a ps3 send me Message username: kateroberts
Oh and yes I went to ghetto wal mart at midnight and bought it lol
I did download Spider-Man! Lol his rating is a 98
During the attitude era mode triple h is huge

Btw dude loves titantron maybe the best titantron I have ever seen! Lol

I bought a case of Pepsi next from deals I maybe the only one to buy Pepsi next!
It's a lot like Pepsi one if anyone remembers that!
Maybe I should bring back the variety hour?!
Does anyone remember the variety hour?!
And now time for a creepy picture: picture of the day

so the big competition in wrestling these days isn't over ratings it's over......
Honey Boo Boo (I didn't know who that was until the other day)
For those that know or don't want to look it up on google she is a seven year old that I guess has a reality show on TLC
so WTF? I heard WWE wants to bring her in but TNA is serious I guess Dixie is saying "We finally beat the WWE!"

Japoss2000: Would you buy an htm sex tape? 1:29 AM
Me: Lol no but where in the fuck is a HTM shoot on this 1:30 AM
Me: Hogan sex tape 1:30 AM
Japoss2000: Would you buy a patera sex tape? 1:31 AM
Me: & this story really has no end 1:48 AM
Japoss2000: Would you buy a Billy jack sex tape? I would 2:01 AM
Me: I would billy: some Heavy stuff on here 2:08 AM
Japoss2000: Thered be no orgasm in that one 2:24 AM
Me: you pedophile prick 2:24 AM
Me: #youruiedmylife 2:25 AM
Japoss2000: The nancy\vince sex tape-just oral 2:26 AM
Japoss2000: #BanWwe 2:30 AM

Me: Did Bubba jerk it to hogan?! While recording?! 5:52 PM
Japoss2000: Probably 5:53 PM
Me: God I wish I was joking 5:53 PM

Dan: Who would win in a fight...Arod vs Cutler? 10:51 PM
Me: Hmmm I got cutler 10:51 PM
Dan: Yeah, I'd only take Arod on roids. Without roids I take Cutler 10:52 PM
Me: Lol aroid true true 10:53 PM
Me: Cutler doesn't give a fuck he will cheat 10:55 PM
Dan: Tru 10:57 PM
Me: Ok in a fight Big Ben or a panda 10:59 PM
Dan: Big Ben. He would just rape the panda 11:01 PM
Me: Lol true true 11:01 PM
Me: You don't fuck with Big Ben 11:02 PM
Dan: He's like Wolverine. Gotta remove his head 11:03 PM
Me: Ha it's true you can tear his legs off no effect 11:04 PM

Looking at the exchange rates
1 US dollar = 218.8800 Hungarian forints
1 US dollar = 19.3280 Czech Republic korunas
1 US dollar = 31.1017 Russian rubles
Do you know what that means? I could goto Hungary and get some Hungarian Honeys!
Tell me why I haven't gone there I picture there is a field of women and you just pick the one you want!
I wonder if anyone in Hungary has gone to the site? I picture a perfect 10 going to the site!
OK, enough about my fantasy.. One can dream....right?

Me: Guess who is watching the KHL 7:15 PM
Japoss2000: What the Fuck is that? Klan Hockey? 7:38 PM
Me: Russian hockey league sad state of affairs 7:42 PM
Me: Espn2 is showing it 7:45 PM
Japoss2000: Are they real or kayfabe russians? 7:46 PM
Me: Kayfabe but they showed these Russian cheerleaders wow they are smoking 7:48 PM
Me: Love European women or Russians 7:50 PM
Japoss2000: Mail order brides or porn stars 8:13 PM
Me: Both ohh yeah long legs 8:33 PM
Me: One of the best I've ever ever seen 11:00 PM

OK, I'm back after a few weeks.. OK it's been a month or so...
I just watched TNA on the DVR.. Ok I saw something that just is wow.....
What you ask? Well Claire Lynch is no longer in TNA so it can't be that.
No it's Aces 8's
so Hogan went to The Ace's and 8's headquarters (I'm not making that up)
so he goes there Where do I begin seriously I don't even know if I can digest this
It's too much Sting going to the White Castle of fear makes this look bad
Should I mention someone pulled a butter knife on Hogan picture of the day

YES! someone in Aces & 8's pulled a butter knife on Hogan!!!
Japoss2000: Future aces & 8s weapons: spatula, pizza cutter, bunsen burner, Spoon, tire pressure guage, turkey baster, toenail clipper, garlic press, pencil

Japoss2000: Yes but I noticed that in addition to the butter knife aces & 8s has also added the high school chemistry lab lighter to thier arsenal picture of the day

And you the reader is like "Oh no they didn't realy pull a butter knife on Hogan!"
Ok Well Here's proof! picture of the day

BTW one more thing once Hogan is in the Ace's 8's Clubhouse (I can't believe I just typed that) once Hogan is in the Clubhouse the voice speaking to him is not disgused shoudln't Hogan know who it is?
Here's the Aces & 8's Club house (What are they 9 years old?) picture of the day

Sting Accepted a invitation to a party at the white castle of fear in the rocky mountains!

Me: Watching last weeks Tna 10:07 PM
Me: Hogan is doing a promo about aces & eights 10:09 PM
Japoss2000: I miss the claire lych days 10:13 PM
Me: Same here hogan is still going on & on wearing a Kmart shirt 10:14 PM
Me: Sting says he's got hogans back 10:14 PM
Japoss2000: Well after the divorce he had to get thrifty 10:16 PM
Me: Hogan is backstage talking to I don't know who but the tna camera is in his face 10:17 PM
Japoss2000: "Get that Damned camera outta here" remember mechanic hogan 10:19 PM
Me: Ha what about tna gutcheck 10:20 PM
Japoss2000: Tommy rich will take down masked superstar at the omni #GCWGutcheck 10:23 PM
Me: Time out hogan was mazed and kidnaped and put into a van by aces and eights 10:26 PM
Me: They put a bag over hogans head 10:27 PM
Japoss2000: Have Thex revealed who those guys work for yet? 10:28 PM
Me: Nope 10:29 PM
Me: But they did put hogan into a van 10:30 PM
Me: Hogan is drugged 10:31 PM
Me: Ok you should see this 10:32 PM
Japoss2000: Youre doing that fuckin annoying thing Sissys With Gayphones do- clogging my inbox multiple short texts sent at once 10:33 PM
Me: Hogan is in the aces & eights headquarters 10:33 PM
Japoss2000: Send me a link to clip 10:34 PM
Me: Apparently aces & eights = villain from batman 10:35 PM
Japoss2000: the girl is like the wind we cant see her but we can feel her 10:36 PM

Me: BREAKING NEWS: tna apparently steals aces and eights story from the show sons of anarchy 8:55 PM
Japoss2000: It took people that long to figure that out, i guess Honky was right about wrestling fans 9:10 PM
Me: I have never seen sons of anarchy but I kept reading how it was a rip off then I looked it up its such a rip off 9:23 PM
Me: Apparently on sons of anarchy they have a biker gang that wears masks and have voice scramblers 9:25 PM
Japoss2000: Shoulda been a no brainaer what with Bischoff Havin such a hard on for biker stuff 9:45 PM
Me: What other cable shows could tna rip off? Soprano's? Pawn Stars? 9:49 PM
Me: Seriously what the fuck?! Is TNA that dumb? Have you ever seen sons of anarchy? 9:52 PM
Japoss2000: Never seen soa. But its now unusual for a wrestling promotion to draw from other tv shows. The Wwf gets ideas from shows like king of the hill, Seinfeld 10:59 PM
Japoss2000: , Music videos on mtv 10:59 PM
Japoss2000: Besides wasnt the boom your dead angle a parody of the sopranos? 11:02 PM
Me: Ha true lol 11:03 PM
Me: But uhhh I never saw Vince dressed as tony soprano 11:04 PM
Me: Nor have a theme song of the sopranos 11:05 PM
Me: The storyline is bischoff likes sons of anarchy 11:07 PM

Dan: Bobby Valentine is such a DOUCHEBAG. So glad he never came here. 12:58 PM
Me: Ha yeah wonder where he will goto 1:07 PM
Dan: Maybe back to Japan where he can trick Asians into believing he's a good manager 1:08 PM
Me: Ha true got to love Asians 1:49 PM
Me: Btw wish bobby was with the Yankees I hate them almost as much as the Red Sox 1:50 PM
Dan: Yankees are too smart to hire that fraud 2:14 PM
Me: Haha dusty baker = fraud 2:19 PM
Me: Cardinals 28 Rams 20 2:39 PM
Dan: Nope, Rams will expose them as frauds. 2:46 PM
Dan: Kolb 3 interceptions 2:46 PM
Me: Lol bull fucking shit 2:50 PM
Me: Kolb is real 2:52 PM
Dan: Kolb is a piece of shit fraud and a bigger douche than Cutler 3:15 PM
Me: Cutler is the biggest fraud ever in the history of frauds 3:15 PM
Dan: BULLSHIT! One of most talented quarterbacks in NFL. Just has a terrible attitude. 3:29 PM
Dan: Far surpasses Kolb in talent 3:29 PM
Me: Well maybe but I wouldn't put cutler in my top 15 3:35 PM
Dan: Just admit he's talented 3:36 PM
Dan: But he will never be elite cuz of his attitude 3:36 PM
Dan: Take Tebow's mind and put it in Cutler's'd get Tom Brady. 3:42 PM
Me: Lol wow loooook at me 4:22 PM
Dan: Kolb = fraud 6:10 PM
Me: Your rams will lose 6:42 PM
Me: Oh shit 7:34 PM
Dan: *brushes shoulder* 7:34 PM

Me: I don't want to lose to an elvis impersonator 9:50 PM
Japoss2000: Ol chris Beniot Took that hardcore wrestlin Shit to a higher level brother. I dont think even new jack got anything on that 10:51 PM
Me: mr perfect blows himself away overdose of cocaine...HES IN THE HALL OF FAME! 10:58 PM
Japoss2000: Jerry lawler calls us DRUGGIES and HOMOSEX'ALS on his tv show 11:01 PM
Japoss2000: Dusty rhodes that fat sleazy Piece of Shit take it to tha pay winda baby 11:03 PM
Japoss2000: Just watched the rose\Summers Vs rockers match with all the juice. Theres blood on the camera at the end 2:34 AM
Japoss2000: Jerry blackwell looks like a guy Youd see riding around wal mart in a rascal 2:36 AM
Me: ha he does larry nelson looks like he just woke up 7:24 AM
Me: piper got 50 bad news got 10 7:29 AM
Japoss2000: Bad news went after mac man 7:31 AM
Japoss2000: Brooke got the knockouts on a direct auto commercial 7:34 AM
Me: I don't think new jack can top that shit 8:12 PM
Japoss2000: Call back slap nuts 8:34 PM
Me: I hate everything 8:43 PM
Japoss2000: Join tha facken club 8:44 PM
Me: I hate Evvveeeerrrrything! 8:46 PM
Japoss2000: No Shit just call 8:46 PM
Me: *rolls eyes* I fucking Hate Eveeeeeerrrything 8:49 PM

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Are you tired of this happening to you?

Are you sick and tired of it? Well This is what happens when you buy Hefty

For the best trash bags use Hefty! You wil have perfect results! Reason? Highest quality!
Not only that but Hefty sponsors the most badass (well maybe) NASCAR driver Eric McClure!
Oh and if you buy Hefty brand producs you WILL get laid!

Here's a NEW feature a lap around with Joe Laracuente..... enjoy!

Me: BTW to remind you Sheamus is borrowing Del Rio's car 11:00 PM
Dillon Feetish: Haha whats next sheamus bangs del rios girl and they say he just cleaned her vagina 11:02 PM
Me: & jerry lawler reminds us 50 times about that lol 11:06 PM
Dillon Feetish: Lawler will not stop speaking out his ass 11:08 PM
Me: lawler shouldve left years ago! 11:10 PM
Me: Sheamus didn't stab him, his knife slipped! 8:52 AM
Dillon Feetish: Lol 8:54 AM
Me: I'm going to Jim Trenery Chevy and steal a 2012 Camero and tell the cops "its not theft, I'm simply taking it for a joyride" 8:58 AM

Japoss2000: I wonder if they eminent domained camp slaughter? 5:52 PM
Me: #OMG making it look easy against Terry Gibbs 7:28 PM
Japoss2000: He cares too much what the internet smarks think 7:43 PM
Japoss2000: Whoo mercy daddy! 9:16 PM
Me: sometimes your the glass table sometimes your jimmy valient 9:21 PM
Japoss2000: Youre usually the table 9:22 PM
Me: HA Very true lol 9:23 PM
Japoss2000: Brody no sells the chick on the table- sorry that Wank Just wasnt working 9:24 PM
Me: haha Brody no sells the bj @ the pastors house 9:28 PM
Japoss2000: Brody no sells the boom youre dead angle 9:31 PM
Me: Brody no sells the strip club 9:33 PM
Japoss2000: Watching chick donovan vs chief thundercloud in memphis studio-and its so much better than awa its ridiculous 4:03 AM
Japoss2000: Dave brown sells kowabunga breaking a gimmicked board better than any of the awa announcers sell title matches 4:06 AM
Me: whoaw guys im going to get crazy im putting cherry and vanilla into my coke! 5:05 AM
Me: c`mon guys dont get mad at sheamus hes borrowing del rio's car! 5:14 AM
Japoss2000: Intervention time for jerry after that cherry coke thing 5:23 AM
Me: whoaw paula a 50's themed diner! 5:25 AM
Me: goto google images type in jerry lawler 2012 girlfriend 5:31 AM picture of the day

Me: will you watch this season of hard knox? 12:31 PM
Dan: Dunno, maybe 12:32 PM
Me: eh I don't care much about the dolphins 12:32 PM
Dan: U just care about super overrated backup quarterbacks 12:38 PM
Me: hahaahn no..... 12:42 PM

Greg Gagne to Verne:
Dad im old enough to handle myself you dont have to run in there with a chair. Youre embarrasing me in front of jimmy snuka

Japoss2000: Im the sheik and thats not funny Ive got my army and lots of money 7:52 PM
Me: #RAW1000 9:06 PM
Me: Lord James Blears 10:29 PM
Japoss2000: Lord james blears on #RAW1000 10:41 PM
Me: Lord James Blears = Ratings 10:45 PM
Japoss2000: Lord james blears=long ramblings about hawaii and european style wrestling 10:55 PM
Me: Blears is the 1st to move from uk to hawaii 11:02 PM
Japoss2000: I dont understand why he has the same accent as bruno Sammartino 11:04 PM
Japoss2000: If i wasnt too old to do prank calls id do a lord blears prank call 11:05 PM
Me: ha that be good too bad 2 people would get it 11:07 PM
Japoss2000: Rod Trongard Would laugh his ass off 11:34 PM
Japoss2000: The issue that dragged out hogans divorce proceedings was who gets the tanning bed 2:05 AM
Me: HAHA Fuck you Terry 6:07 AM

Me: Laying here with Linda (Hogan) on my mind 7:04 PM
Japoss2000: Ill bet that happens a lot 7:24 PM
Me: Macho Warrior Ric Hogan 7:27 PM
Japoss2000: Jerry blackwell an Adonis Of a man 7:31 PM
Me: Blackwell = rascal @ walmart 7:33 PM
Japoss2000: Kung pao bitch! 9:10 PM
Me: Japoss2000: *rolls eyes* like I fucking hate eveeeerything 9:16 PM
Japoss2000: You know dat 9:23 PM
Me: the way linda squeezed my hand 9:28 PM
Japoss2000: Fuck you Terry 10:13 PM
Me: She even said the 'C' word to brooke 6:37 AM
Japoss2000: If i ever did that i wouldnt be the same person 6:38 AM
Japoss2000: Frank said if you were out here hed spit in your face like bobby roode did to montgomery gentry 6:41 AM
Me: it would shake my bones Linda: "Thats it your finished your going to jail!" 6:45 AM
Me: Montgomery Gentry Ill be the guy in the cowboy hat 6:46 AM
Japoss2000: He looks old enough to be the other guys grandfather 6:51 AM
Japoss2000: This aint no Rodeo no dog and pony show its just my so called life 6:54 AM
Me: HA Did you listen to that song? 6:56 AM
Japoss2000: Frank made me send that one 6:58 AM
Me: Montgomery Gentry took it to another level 7:00 AM
Japoss2000: "They" are Montgomery gentry 7:02 AM
Me: 10.10.10 = Montgomery Gentry they come out & sing "She couldnt change me" 7:04 AM
Me: the prettiest blue eyes you ever seen turned to green 7:13 AM
Japoss2000: Hey Foley montgomery gentry sucks 7:16 AM
Me: Montgomery Gentry = James Storm marks 7:19 AM
Japoss2000: Do you think They are smart? 7:23 AM
Me: Abyss branded someone with 10 10 10 7:24 AM
Japoss2000: Abyss branded someone with "claire lynch" 7:29 AM

Me: Claire Lynch. Would you? 12:30 PM
Dillon Feetish: Only if pregnant 12:40 PM
Me: hahaha true did you see tna yet? 12:46 PM
Dillon Feetish: About to watch i have heard thangs haha 1:26 PM
Dillon Feetish: Claire lynch is such a horrible actress no one believes her when she orgasms 1:47 PM

In Case people were wondering (I know people care about me.......RIGHT?!) Lets face it nobody cares about me or the site... Anyways lets just say I was attacked by: picture of the day
Jake Roberts: "You wanna play Aces & Eights, well I got too many of those too..." picture of the day

Me: Coach = top 5 show ever made 3:01 PM
Dan: = one of top 5 dumbest comments ever made 9:16 PM
Me: Who has a framed picture of craigt nelson *brushes shoulder* 9:51 PM
Dan: Def NOT me 9:55 PM
Me: One day i'm going to get a framed pic of jenna haze 10:03 PM
Dan: Trailer trash 10:04 PM
Dan: On a hotness scale of 1-10, she's maybe a 5, and that's being generous 10:05 PM
Me: who told you that one fox news? 10:11 PM
Dan: She's not very attractive 10:12 PM
Me: #1 with a bullet lol if you could get a framed picture of anyone who would it be? 10:27 PM
Dan: George Sr holding chocolate banana 10:37 PM
Me: breaking bad tomorrow huh 10:44 PM
Dan: Yup 10:45 PM
Me: its got nothing on 'coach' 11:39 PM
Me: Ever seen coach? 12:10 AM
Dan: Of course, it was a decent show back in the day. Not worth ever watching again. 12:12 AM

Me: Lee Marshall: Alot is going to be written alot is going to be said about how great this team challenge series is! 9:39 PM
Japoss2000: Yeah it was written by you on angry marks 9:45 PM
Me: yeah because theres nooooothing to fucking do 9:50 PM

Me: Rick Rude @ the '87 slammys 8:07 PM
Japoss2000: #Gay 8:08 PM

Dan: Look at MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 7:16 PM
Me: haha yeah look at me I got my pants off watching modern marvels bread 7:19 PM
Me: Aletta Ocean mmmmmmm #ohhhyeaaaaaah 9:07 PM
Dan: Eh, she's alright 9:08 PM
Me: im mentally challenged 9:15 PM
Dan: Missing chromosome 9:20 PM
Japoss2000: Anybody whos a pedophile is a queen 5:52 AM
Me: Bruce hart in the van 7:35 AM
Japoss2000: Billy von erich 8:58 AM
Me: #uncleray #pedophileprick 8:59 AM
Japoss2000: #StrykerFrame #POP #BlindInBothEyes 9:01 AM

Frank: We want high school failure stories. Call. 9:48 PM
Me: You don't want to discuss me buying another car 9:50 PM
Frank: Thats just made up shit only you care about 9:52 PM

Stremme right now: drinking a colt45 eating a triple baconator watching nurse Aletta ocean with 5 doctors NO JOKE! PRESENTS: THE DREAM MATCH:

Here's the greatest video of all time, and that is Tony Raines qualifying the chevy into the Best Buy 400!

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